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If you are in 2nd grade-19 years, please take the time to read this as rules for the dance team have been revised.  *Note: 2nd & 3rd grades are only being offered petite jazz team.  4th and above may apply for any of the teams.

WHAT IS COMPETITIVE DANCE?  A scheduled dance program offered for students wishing to improve dance technique, performance ability and to spend more time doing what you love! Competitive dancers are pushed a little harder, expected to be more dedicated, and receive more critique from teachers and judges. 

HOW DO I JOIN?  Submit an application, which is included in this packet.   Students will be placed in classes by teacher placement and recommendation. Some may be chosen as alternates.  Alternates are team members who may not be ready to compete.  They will perform in recital, but may or may not dance at a competition depending on readiness.  Alternates are required to take all necessary co-requisites and maintain excellent attendance. 

Classes offered and co-requisites are listed below: (All classes are 45 minutes with the exception of Sr. Jazz Tech. and ballet tech, (60 minutes.)  Summer Jazz tech. will be required for all teams (exclude tap and petite.)  Students will need to attend 4 out of 6 hour sessions offered tentatively in July & August (dates TBD) for $5.00 each class.

Students in ballet tech. will be ENCOURAGED but no required, to take a spring ballet exam in Detroit within two years of taking that level.  Exam fees are similar to competition fees. (I will send more info. on exams before classes begin in the fall, so you understand what to expect in ballet tech.)

SR. HIP HOP team requires summer meet times and class/choreography fee TBD (Due to guest choreographer)

Newer students may require a few summer lessons to catch up to the class level before the fall. 

                                                                CLASS CO-REQUISITES AND REQUIREMENTS

*Consideration for Sr. Teams will be based on teacher’s discretion; (performance in tech. classes, maturity, attitude and determination.  Students who have taken a ballet exam will be considered more quickly.)


1.       TAP TEAM:  Tap Technique

2.       JAZZ TEAM:  Ballet AND jazz technique and 4 of 6 summer sessions

3.    HIP HOP TEAM: Co-requisite: Jazz AND ballet technique (Sr. Team Choreo. Days TBD) and 4 of 6 summer sessions of jazz tech.

4.    MODERN TEAM: Jazz AND ballet technique AND 3 out of 4 Modern workshops offered throughout the year.  (Workshops held at the studio –dates TBA.)  and 4 of 6 summer sessions

5.       MUSICAL THEATER TEAM: Ballet AND jazz technique and 4 of 6 summer sessions

6.        POM TEAM: Jazz AND ballet technique and 4 of 6 summer sessions.  Be able or close to doing side spits (for high kicks)

7.       LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY TEAM: Ballet AND jazz technique and 4 of 6 summer sessions

8.       BALLET TEAM: Must be in grade II or higher and have taken an exam.

9.       *PETITE JAZZ TEAM: For 2nd grade up & any beginners.  This team will only travel to two competitions.  Jazz tech. required.

10.      SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS: Co-requisites for competition solos: Technique class most suitable toward your dance.  Private classes are limited sign up early!  Competition for privates are optional and based on teachers decision for readiness.  Senior Hip hop solos will have a guest choreographer with extra practice dates/fees.  Teacher requests will be considered based on seniority and availability.   More rules apply for solos –see contract. 

**TEAM classes may be divided based on the number of interested students. Put ANY class you might be interested in!  ANY type of dance could be divided into Jr/Sr. classes if enough apply!

SCHEDULE:  We attend three competitions during the year.  I try to work around prom, spring break and band/choir as best as possible.  Exact competition schedules are mailed in the summer as soon as I get schedules from the various competition venues, so that you can mark your calendars early. 

COSTS: Payment information is available on our website.  The more minutes you take of class time, the greater your discount!  (Excluding private lessons.)  If you would like an idea of tuition fees ahead of time, just let us know!  Dancers may need new shoes depending on the teachers’ choice. You will be responsible for one extra costume per dance.  (Technique classes do not require costumes.)  Team costumes range from $54.00 to $90.00.  We try to keep prices down as best as possible.  You will be responsible for paying competition fees approximately $50.00/dance depending on the competition.  (Solos are usually around $100.00.)  Sometimes a hotel stay is necessary (more so for students in multiple team groups.)  Team Warm Ups are not mandatory.  Warm ups are approximately $85.00.     

FUNDRAISERS:  We have various fundraisers throughout the year. Dancers will have several opportunities to earn money.  Anne Edick is our chairperson for a new fundraiser committee of dance parents.  Please contact her for more information!  989-297-0027

RULES:  Competing students must understand that to be in a competition class, they must take their dance instruction to a serious level.  It will be the students’ responsibility to attend all practices, co-requisites and team classes.  If a student is 15 min. late to his or her class it is considered an absence.  If a student misses or is tardy for their technique (or combo class) it MUST be made up within one month in a similar technique class.  Only five tech. absences allowed/semester.  Students are allowed TWO EXCUSED ABSENCES EACH SEMESTER FOR THE TEAM DANCE CLASSES.   Once a student misses a third class for any reason (sickness, weather conditions, family or school obligations, etc.) he/she has two options: 1. Schedule a private make up practice at the price of $15.00/half hour.  Make up privates may be combined with other students (same private fee/student) 2. be removed from the team. It is difficult to compete in dances that have not been rehearsed with EVERYONE present.  IMPORTANT: Instructors do not have a lot of extra time to be doing make –ups and ONLY 2 make ups will be available each semester for each team.  If more are missed, the student must forfeit the team.  Please be aware that team placement for the following year is also based on attendance record.  Students who may be ready to move up a level but have poor attendance might not then move up.  If you miss a competition you will be unable to continue on the team.  Team members are also expected to be responsible, respectful students.  If a student gives any problems to a teacher, they may be removed from the team.

**I NEED YOUR APPLICATION BY MAY 15TH.    VERY IMPORTANT: Once you apply, your commitment to the number of dances you are willing to participate in is expected.   Prompt and decisive responses are necessary so that I can finish our entire dance schedule to take new enrollment. (Students who have quit after applying don’t realize that may result in cancelling a class which was already set on our schedule making it really hard to change the schedule at that point.  Your quitting may effect the schedule of the entire studio.)  Our fall schedule is put on hold until the team classes are set.  If you have questions, please ask!