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- Dance Video Downloads -

Please read before downloading a video...

1) If you want to take these files and share with friends, or burn your own DVDs, you are free to do so.  Make as many as you'd like!  These belong to you!!

2) If you prefer a physical copy, you can contact Matt at (989) 578-2210 and he can arrange for you to purchase a DVD.  Discs cost $5 per show.  If you want all 4 shows, it will be $20.  Feel free to copy the DVDs if you'd like. 

3) To download a personal copy of a video simply click on the "POP OUT" icon (Example Below) on the upper right corner of the video you want.  That will open the video in a new window which will give the download option up at the top; You may then save the file anywhere on your computer that you'd like.

example picture

4) If you're unsure what to do, find the nearest 10 year old and ask them for assistance.  :)

5) Need a videographer?  Call the above number and ask somebody to wake up Matt...


-Recital Videos-


Thursday Night Pt. 1

Thursday Night Pt. 2

Friday Night Pt. 1

Friday Night Pt. 2

Saturday Matinee Pt. 1

Saturday Matinee Pt. 2

Saturday Night Pt. 1

Saturday Night Pt. 2

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