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ATTENDANCE Dance requires good technique, strength, concentration and dedication.  It is imperative that every student is at every class and on time.  Absent students burden themselves and the other students in the class.  Missed classes are to be made up as soon as possible, in the class one level lower than the absent student.  If a student MUST be absent, I expect to be notified ahead of time. 

ATTIRE (Our in-studio “RoseBud Boutique” carries everything you need!)

GIRLS: One piece leotard worn with pink, tan or white tights.  Chiffon ballet skirts are allowed.  This outfit is essential for checking body alignment, technique and correct muscle usage.  Jazz pants or dance shorts may be worn in tap, jazz and hip hop.  CECCHETTI TECHNIQUE classes must wear a black solid leotard, pink tights, and no skirt.  **No t-shirts, baggy shorts, rompers, necklaces or dangling jewelry allowed in any class.    

BOYS: Solid color tee/tank top, shorts or sweat pants.  

Ballet: Do not buy cheap ballet shoes at Target, etc.  Ballet shoes should not have extra room “to grow into.”  They are supposed to fit the foot so the student can point correctly.  Jazz shoes are not allowed for ballet.

Tap:  Flat black patent leather taps for pre-school thru fourth grade.  Flat black lace up or slip on taps for 5th-adult and boys.

Jazz/Hip Hop & Musical Theater: Black jazz shoes if you are in jazz or hip hop. 

Lyrical: Tan Foot Undeez.

Tumbling/Acro: Leotard or tank top and dance shorts for girls (dance shorts optional), no tights or shoes   

Creative Movement: Footless tights and no shoes.  We will add shoes in the winter semester.

Hair: All hair must be completely pulled back at every class.  Long bangs should be pinned back. 

PIANO: Please have a small piano bag to hold books and notes.  Please also have a small notepad.  Your teacher will send notes home and let you know what books you need.  Payments for piano books are taken care of between the piano teacher and student/parents. 

HOLIDAYS AND RECITAL DATES: The studio usually follows the same holiday schedule as Gladwin Schools.  Notes will be posted on the bulletin board and sent home with your child before vacation.  If Gladwin schools are cancelled for any reason, so is dance.  We do not do make-up days unless there is an unusual amount of cancellations.  The tentative schedule is:

THANKSGIVING BREAK: November 22nd-24th                CHRISTMAS BREAK: December 21-January 2nd  

SPRING BREAK: March 25-31st                            NO DANCE: Oct. 31, Nov. 15, Jan. 14, Feb. 4 & 22, April 19-20, May 27

RECITAL: June 11, 13, 14,15 (Unless excessive snow days push it back)   PIANO RECITAL: TBD

RECITAL COSTUMES:  Costumes are ordered early to insure they arrive in time for recital.  Costs are $54.00 for younger students and $56.00 for students in fourth grade and up. The first half of the costume payment is due November 20 and the second half December 20.  Late payments hold up the entire order. All recital information is mailed in May. Classes generally begin learning dances at the beginning of the second session.  RECITAL DVD FEE:  In order to keep DVD costs affordable and worthwhile the time of our videographer, there will be a $12.00 video fee per family.  Each student will be able to download the recital off our website!  During recital time, any family wishing to also purchase a recital DVD may do so at an extra cost to our videographer.  The $12.00 will be added to the costume statement made in two payments.  This is an amazing price, and it will be available to all families!

TUITION PAYMENTS: Payments will be made according to the 3-semester payment plan (Unless you choose to pay monthly.)  You will receive a bill which is to be included with your payment.   

FALL PAYMENT: Due by SEPTEMBER 20                   WINTER PAYMENT: Due by JANUARY 10

                                                SPRING PAYMENT: Due by MARCH 20

**LATE PAYMENTS –include a $10.00 late fee. Returned Checks will be charged a $20.00 fee.

REFUND POLICY No tuition refunds will be made after two months of enrollment.  If a student drops before the two months, a full refund will not be given.  Students must fill out a withdrawal form if dropping a class.  This will be your responsibility to avoid confusion with billing.   COSTUME MONEY IS NON REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON. 

WAITING AREA:  We cannot monitor students in the waiting room while teaching.  Parents understand that if a student will be in the waiting area between classes for extended time that they are not supervised.  The students are expected to sit quietly until it is time for their class, to respect the studio space, and pick up after themselves.

WATCH WEEK:  The BEGINNING of each month is “watch week.”  This is when the curtains will be open on our viewing windows for parents to watch the classes in progress.  The reason for the curtain is to allow children to have their own experience without feeling overwhelmed by parents watching every week.  

FUNDRAISER:  The studio will have fundraiser information sent home with students the last week of September and again in the spring.  Please look for these as you have the opportunity to raise 50% of the earnings. 


**If you have questions or comments, teachers will be happy to talk with you when it does not interfere with class.  If you have any concerns about your child, please ask.  Our teachers will do the same!  General questions can be answered by our office managers.